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Department has sufficient classrooms and most of them are equipped with multimedia projectors. Department also has its exclusive Seminar Hall and several tutorial rooms. The department has well-equipped laboratories and each lab is equipped with computers, required software, hardware, instruments, and multimedia projectors.

Departmental Library:

The Department library of Mechanical Engineering houses best books in the technical field. This vast reservoir of knowledge is a source of constant value addition to the students and faculty members. The library’s rich collection includes over 500 books in manufacturing, design, drawing, materials science and thermodynamics.

Engineering Graphics Lab:

This subject focuses on fundamentals of engineering drawing. As drawing is the language of communication for Engineers and has application in all branches of engineering. Students of all branches undergo this course. In order to expose students to current industrial practices, they are trained on AutoCAD software.


Machine Shop

Machine Shop is where the ideas and concepts of student projects take physical form. Students can fabricate their projects using the shop equipment under the supervision of the faculty in charge/instructors. The objective of this course is to provide students with the knowledge to safely operate manual Lathe machines emphasizing basic machine shop operations. This course becomes an important foundation for all the students so that they can develop their machining skills and knowledge.

The Machine Shop is equipped with Centre Lathes, Drilling Machines, Shaping Machines and Milling Machines and more. These equipment assist the students to prepare the models and gain practical exposure in operating the machines. Also, the machine shop is equipped with high-quality cutting tools for the operations like Marking, Centre drilling, Facing, Taper turning, Grooving, knurling, Profile turning, Drilling, Boring, Thread cutting, Grinding, etc. The students are also trained in using inserts for the cutting tool for machining purpose and Gear cutting operation. Students undergo training in fitting as well and develop two fitting models.

Foundry and Forging shops:

Foundry and Forging laboratory is one of the well-equipped state of the art laboratories in the department. In this lab, the students will learn to make products through metal casting and forging. The lab is furnished with smithy furnaces that provide a smoke free environment. Preparation of moulds with and without using patterns is an integral part of this lab.

Fitting shop

Fitting Shop involves a large number of hand operations to finish the work to desired shape, size and accuracy. The various operations performed are marking, chipping, sawing, filing, scraping, drilling, tap (Internal threading) and die (External threading). Students acquire skills in using tools and basic fitting equipment, identification of materials, description and demonstration of various bench vices, holding devices and files, drilling and threading tools. Shop is also equipped with mechanized hydraulic bending attachment. The basic operations performed in fitting shop are drilling, reaming, boring, counter sinking, tapping, threading and grinding etc.

Carpentry Shop

Students acquire skills in using both power and hand tools and general information regarding building materials. Students undertake the practice of sawing, planning and chiseling operation. The shop is equipped with Wooden Lathes, Mechanized Planning and Grooving Machine, Drilling Machine, Band Saw, various types of Hand Saws, Wooden & Steels Planes and Miscellaneous Tools.

Sheet Metal Shop

The sheet metal implies metal and alloys in sheets rolled to thickness ranging from 10 S.W.G. and thinner. Sheet metal work has its own importance in manufacturing industry and it plays an essential role in various aspects of our day to day needs. The indispensable engineering articles made of sheet metal find their application in agriculture, house hold, offices, laboratories and shop equipment, transportation, decorative work, toys and many other such areas. Using specialized sheet metal tools the various concepts from development of surface to actual fabrication are practiced. The various operations performed during sheet metal jobs are cutting, bending, and shaping. Different jobs are seam joint, lap joint, tray fabrication, riveting and soldering applications.

Welding Shop

Shop comprises Gas Metal Arc Welding, Spot Welding, Arc Welding, Abrasive Wheel Cutter, Gas Welding and Cutting apparatus. The welding shop is equipped with Fume Extractor System to provide the eco-friendly environment for working. The different operations practiced in Welding Shop are Position Welding, Butt Welding, Lap Welding, Spot welding, Dissimilar Metal Welding and Metal Cutting.

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Lab (FM Lab)

Engineering is applying scientific knowledge to find solutions for problems of practical importance. A basic knowledge of Fluid mechanics and machinery is essential for all the scientists and engineers as they frequently come across a variety of problems involving flow of fluids such as in aerodynamics force of fluids on structural surfaces, fluid transport. The facilities of Fluid mechanics and Machinery Laboratory are used, to run demonstrative experiments to Mechanical and Civil Engineering students.

This course is an indispensable supplement to the Fluid mechanics and machinery theory. It covers measuring devices and techniques, error analysis in experimental works and analysis of assumptions in the theory of fluid mechanics. The lab experiments are broadly classified into individual experiments and group experiments. Under individual experiments, tests are conducted on calibration of veturimeter, orificemeter, flow nozzle, V-notch. It also includes experiments on impact of jet on vanes, determination of major and minor energy losses, friction coefficient etc. Group experiments consists conduction of performance test on Pelton wheel, Francis and Kaplan water turbines, single stage and multi stage centrifugal pumps, reciprocating pump, reciprocating air compressor and air blower.

Mechanical Labs

  • Production Laboratory
  • Design Laboratory
  • Materials Testing Laboratory
  • Thermal and Fluid Laboratory
  • Basic Workshop
  • Mesurement & Metrology Lab
  • Experimental Stress Analysis Laboratory

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