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Academic Session: 2021-22

S. No.Day & DateEvent TypeModeEvent TopicResource Person
1Thursday, February 10, 2022WorkshopOnlineImportance of Programming Languages in Current ScenarioMr. Shiv Kumar Vaish
Senior Software Developer, Commercial Tax Department, Govt. of UP
2Saturday, January 29, 2022WebinarOnlineUnderstanding and Developing GUI Applications in PythonMr. Shubham Ray
Certified AI Engineer, Hai X
3Thursday, January 27, 2022WebinarOnlineBenefits of Data Science and AIMr. Prem Kumar Bharti   Data Scientist Instructor, Training Basket
4Saturday, January 22, 2022WebinarOnlineIntroduction to Deep LearningMr. Archit Chaudhary
Data Scientist, Uber Technology
5Monday, December 13, 2021Student Training ProgramOnlineHow to fill the gap between Industry and AcademicsMr. Mohammad Anas
Technical Manager, Petroleum Development, Oman
6Friday, October 22, 2021WebinarOnlineRobust Performance Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithm & Building Bots With no code using Azure AIProf. (Dr.) Saurabh Srivastava
Galgotia University, Noida
Mr. Kasam Sheikh
Senior Developer, C# Corner, Noida
7Friday, October 15, 2021WebinarOnlineFuture Trends in Software TechnologyProf. Ankur Bhardwaj
KIET, Ghaziabad

Academic Session: 2020-21

S. No.Day & DateEvent TypeModeEvent TopicResource Person
1Friday, February 5, 2021WebinarOnlineRole of Computer Programming in CAD/CAMDr. Ashutosh Chitravanshi
2Wednesday, February 3, 2021WebinarOnlineNano TechnologyDr. Chandresh Kr. Rastogi
IIT Bombay
3Monday, February 1, 2021WebinarOnlineMicrosoft Dot Net TechnologyMr. Anil Kr. Soni
Senior Leader, MTA-INDIA

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