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Computer Science & Engineering
(Artificial Intelligence)
4 YearsDr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical UniversityAICTE60

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of technology in our daily lives, driving to the office, searching for a restaurant, getting news updates, and recommendations on social media are all using AI. With the increase in usage, there is a significant requirement of researchers who can understand AI and build AI technologies. This program will provide students an opportunity to learn both foundational and experimental components of AI and Machine Learning.

A student completing this program will be able to undertake industry careers involving innovation and problem solving using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies and research careers in  AI,  ML,  and,  in general,  Computer  Science areas. Along with courses that provide specialization in AI, students will also have the option to explore applied domains such as computer vision, natural language processing, robotics, and autonomous systems as well as other interdisciplinary areas such as neuroscience, edge computing, and the Internet of Things.

The CSE (Artificial Intelligence) course at BBDEC is a well-balanced amalgam of theoretical and practical learning,  with ample opportunities for industry exposure. Besides theory classes,  students get the opportunity to go through case studies, extensive hands-on training, e-learning through videos, and work on projects in collaboration with industries. The course includes subjects such as Cognitive Science, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Cloud Computing and Machine Learning, Intelligence, and Cyber Security. The curriculum has been designed keeping in line with the current industry demands. The Department aims at grooming students into global professionals and hence every student is provided the opportunity to learn and understand cutting-edge technologies that have emerged in the recent past.

At the end of this program, a student will have:

  • Understanding of foundational topics in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.
  • Understanding of theoretical foundations and limits of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Ability to design and implement algorithms and data structures for efficiently solving new problems
  • Ability to model and analyze a variety of problems using appropriate mathematical/computational and AI concepts.
  • Ability to apply and develop AI algorithms to transform a large amount of data into intelligent decisions and/or behavior.
  • An understanding of the impact of AI-based solutions in an economic, societal, and environmental context.

Salient Points of This Program:

  • It has a highly structured core AI program that focuses on Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence fundamentals as well as communication skills.
  • After the core program, there is flexibility on the AI courses the students can choose for developing the skills and knowledge in various topics – computing and AI application domains.
  • Has a heavy emphasis on hands-on practice with recent tools and technology as part of lab and programming assignments and courses projects.
  • Builds research skills through courses like “independent study”, “independent projects” and “undergraduate research” along with the undergraduate thesis.

Salient Features of the Curriculum:

  • Pragmatic curriculum, designed for industry readiness that increases the probability of placements.
  • The cutting-edge curriculum has been designed to develop core competencies.
  • Strong theoretical foundations complemented with extensive practical training.
  • Experiential learning with case studies and mini-project and also industry-focused electives.
  • Key subjects covered in the program: Introduction to Python Programming and Clean Coding, Introduction to Java Programming, Fundamentals of Data Science, DevOps, Predictive Analytics, Cloud Computing, No SQL and MongoDB, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Cloud Security, AI& Deep Learning, Deployment of Private Cloud.

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