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To develop highly competent professionals for entry-level positions in civil engineering, and create societal leadership. The Department is dedicated to providing a dynamic learning environment that emphasizes open-ended design, problem-solving skills, team work, communication, and leadership skills.

HOD’s Message

The aim of the department is to impart the students a sound knowledge of the theory of civil engineering subjects with exposure to practical knowledge through laboratories and field study.

The program emphasizes interdisciplinary team work, communication skills, tools and skills for professional practice, and lifelong learning. We strive to ensure that our graduates understand professional ethics and the value of service to their profession and society through involvement in community, state, and national organizations.

Opportunities for Civil Engineers:

Civil engineers design, plan, organize and oversee the building of structures such as dams, bridges, gas and water supply systems, sewerage systems and roads.

Civil engineers may work for:

  • Private engineering consultancies
  • Regional and local government authorities
  • Government agencies, such as the Land Transport Authority
  • Construction firms and property developers
  • Infrastructure and utility companies, such as railway and electricity companies.

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    Civil Labs

    • Surveying Lab
    • Fluid Mechanics Lab
    • Engineering Geology Lab
    • Civil Engineering Material Lab
    • Quantity Survey & Estimation Lab
    • Civil Engineering Drawing Lab
    • Geoinformatics Lab
    • Hydraulic Machine Lab
    • Geotechnical Engineering Lab
    • Environmental Engineering Lab
    • Cad Lab
    • Cad Lab 1
    • Cad Lab 2
    • Transportation Engineering Lab
    • Structural Detailing Lab
    • Air & Noise Pollution Lab
    • Concrete Structure Lab
    • Traffic Survey & Analysis Lab
    • Water & Waste Water Treatment Lab

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